Coke is mainly composed of fixed carbon, less volatile, when burning smokeless.The calorific value is approximately 25104 kJ/kg -- 31380 kJ/kg. Silver-white or grey-black, metallic, hard and porous.The large pieces are called lump coke or metallurgical coke, the small pieces are called broken coke, and the powdered ones are called coke chips.In ferroalloy production, coke is used as reducing agent. The higher the fixed carbon, the better. The less ash, the better.Its grain size has great influence on smelting.The coke with large particle size is less than the resistance, and has strong electrical conductivity, so it is difficult to insert the electrode, the heat loss of the electric furnace increases, the reaction surface of the coke with large particle size is also small, and the reduction capacity decreases correspondingly. Therefore, the coke with large particle size added into the furnace will worsen the furnace condition.Coke with small particle size, larger than resistance and larger contact surface, will make the electrode deep insertion, less heat loss, but too small particle size will reduce the permeability of the charge, resulting in the collapse of the flame.


Size: 0-3mm; 3-8mm; 8-12mm; 5-15mm; 10-50mm; etc. 

The packing and size can be produce according to customer requirements.



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Time: 2016-01-14

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