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Ferro Silicon price


Mid-Autumn Festival, the ferrosilicon market as a whole maintained a stable situation. During the holiday period, the market turnover was less, and the factory price was mainly last week. The mentality of the market is different: in terms of factories, the current ferrosilicon has fallen to the cost, and the space is still small, and manufacturers are reluctant to take the goods at low prices. As far as traders are concerned, they are still mostly bearish, and the goods are mainly on demand, and they are not willing to press the goods in large quantities.

The overall change in the Anyang area was small, and local traders indicated that the transaction pace was average. The factories in Qinghai and Gansu can maintain the order, and there are a small number of stocks during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The quotation in Shaanxi remained stable for the time being. The price of the factory in Ningxia has not changed much, but the factory said that the transaction was not smooth.

Overall, the factory price will remain unchanged for the time being, and the 70th anniversary will be approaching. The environmental protection will be tightened in Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong and Hebei, and the logistics and transportation will be affected. The area has no impact. In the short-term, the price is expected to be maintained mainly, and the market will be seen in the steel market in October and after the National Day holiday.


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