Ca Wire

Solid Calcium Metal Cored Wire



Solid calcium metal cored wire, while processing calcium, there won’t be other oxide from powder packet cored wire so as not to pollute the molten steel. Solid Calcium Metal Cored Wire has high-density mandrel, the wire has the least specific surface area, Solid Calcium Metal Cored Wire can reduce the calcium oxide inclusions to the least. The even calcium content per meter and more stable content of activity calcium makes the calcium processing effect more stable.


The high-density pure calcium mandrel is able to feed the calcium deep into the molten steel and stay longer time below the critical depth, so as to get higher rate of calcium recovery. It’s easy to check the quality of this high-density pure calcium mandrel, because of the smaller specific surface area of the wire, it has longer shelf life. Applying our solid core calcium cored wire can reduce the cost of calcium processing, keep its recovery rate and reduce pollution. So it worth being your prior choice.


The packaging can be produce according to customer demand.



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