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The main application of ferro silicon alloy


1,Ferro silicon is used to desoxidant and alloying constituent in the steelmaking.In order to get the steel that chemical composition up to standard and guarantee the quality of steel,it must deoxidize in the end phase of steelmaking.Between silicon and oxygen have strong chemical affinity,so ferro silicon be used to precipitate and diffuse deoxidation as desoxidant in steelmaking.If adding some silicon in the steel,It is obvious increase the strength,hardness and elasticity of steel.So ferro silicon is used to alloying constituent in smelt construction steel(Si:0.40-1.75%)、tool steel(Si:0.30-1.8%)、spring steel(Si:0.40-2.8%)and silicon steel(Si:2.81-4.8%).

2,Ferro silicon is used to inoculant and Nodulizer in cast iron industry.Cast iron is very important to modern industry as a kind of metal material,it is more cheaper than steel,and easy to smelt.If adding some ferro silicon in the cast iron,it can stop to form carbide in the iron,promote separate out and nodulizing.So ferro silicon is very important as a kind of inoculant and Nodulizer in the nodular cast iron.

3,Ferro silicon is used to reductant in ferro alloy production.Not only between silicon and oxygen have strong chemical affinity,but also carbon content of high silicon ferro silicon is very low.So high silicon ferro silicon usual is used to reductant when produce the low carbon ferro alloy in ferro alloy industry.

4,ferro silicon 75# usual is used in the process of high temperature smelting magnesium metal in production of magnesium by pidgeonprocess.It can replace the magnesium from CaO and MgO.Usually produce 1ton magnesium metal need to deplete 1.2ton ferro silicon,so it is very important to produce magnesium metal.

5,In other sides application.ferro silicon powder that is handled by levigation and atomization can be used to suspended phase in mining processing industry.It also can be used to welding rod’s coating.High silicon ferro silicon can be used to produce silicone in chemical industry.

In these applications,steelmaking、cast iron and ferro alloy industry are the biggest user.They deplete more than 90% ferro silicon.



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