Silicon Metal 2202


Alias: Silicon Metallic; Metallic Silicon; Metal Silicon; Si Metal; etc. 

Silicon metal is in endoplasm -arc furnace reducing agent and silica smelting production of industrial grade silicon, the main component of silicon content of about 98%, the remaining impurities are iron, aluminum, calcium, etc.

CAS Mumber:7440-21-3

ENECS: 231-130-8

Molecular Formula:Si

Molecular Weight:28.0855

HS Code:2804.6900


Silicon Metal lump or powder granule , silver grey or dark grey with metallic luster. 


Silicon metal with high melting point, good heat resistance, high resistivity, high temperature melt state of good conductors, strong crisp, highly antioxidant effect.


1. Silicon metal is widely applied in the development of aluminum alloy catalyst, smelting non-ferrous metal deoxidizer and special steel, 

2. Silicon metal also can be used as additive in special steel, also used as the demanding of the silicon steel alloy agent, smelting special steel and non-ferrous alloy deoxidizer. 

3. Silicon metal in chemical industry for the production of dimethyl silicone oil, amino silicone oil, silicone oil containing hydrogen and hydroxyl silicone oil, amino silicone oil emulsifying agent, silicone defoaming agent, etc., application is very extensive. 


Size:10-100 mm, 3-10mm, 0-3mm. 

Packing: In 1 mt big bag. 

The content packaging particle size may be based on customer demand production. 



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