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How to use Carbon Additive


Carbon Additive Carburizer Calcined Anthracite Coal is an auxiliary additive. So how can we use it correctly?

Now I will show you how to use carbon repellants correctly. When using a recarburiser, try to put the recarburiser on the middle and lower part of the furnace and add other charge materials on it so as to reduce the spillage of the recarburizer. At the same time, it can also increase the contact surface between the recarburizer and the molten iron. Improve carbon efficiency. If a relatively large furnace uses a carbon reductant, it must be added in multiple batches, which can better increase the dissolution rate of graphitized recarburizer and increase the absorption rate. At the same time, the recarburizer is placed on the bottom of the furnace to also buffer the impact on the bottom of the furnace when the iron is added. This also protects the lining. The use of a recarburizer at the time of casting can greatly increase the amount of scrap steel and reduce the amount of pig iron or pig iron. Therefore, we should use this correctly when using it to reduce costs. Carbon Additive Carburizer Calcined Anthracite Coal.




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