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Pretreating agent Silicon Carbide SiC


Induction furnace metallurgical process and cupola melting are essentially different, using induction furnace to smelt gray cast iron, the molten iron and cupola superheat high, melting and holding a long time, can easily lead to decarburization. The same chemical composition, the same casting casting castings, than the strength of the cupola high hardness, chilled white mouth tends to be large, shorter graphite length, and easy to produce D, E-type graphite, liquid iron liquid poor, shrinkage increase Large, easy to cause a variety of casting defects (stomatal, cold, shrinkage, shrinkage, etc.). 

Since our factory adopted the induction electric furnace to produce the castings in 2013, the pre-production still adopts the smelting process similar to the cupola. The rate of the rejects of the castings caused by the pre-produced castings due to the shrinkage and shrinkage of the castings and the material hardness during the processing 10%. In 2014, our factory pretreated the pretreatment agent SiC for gray cast iron. After the addition of silicon carbide, the shape of the graphite became coarse and short, the spacing was large, the number of eutectic groups was increased, the strength and hardness of cast iron were improved, Inoculated hot metal undercooling to improve the processing performance of castings.

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