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The performance of silicon barium alloy


Silicon Barium alloy (inoculant) is an iron alloy with higher activity. Join in steelmaking can reduce the occurrence of smoke and flame, change the nature and distribution of non metallic inclusions in steel, improve the metal cutting performance, used in foundry production, showed good anti fading and reduce the section sensitivity, inoculant production of cast iron is a long-lasting, high efficiency. The use of Silicon Barium alloy, compared with the pure aluminum, ferrosilicon, calcium better and other single alloy effect, more economical. Silicon Barium alloy used for ferroalloy production is very favorable. Silicon barium alloy widely used, making the standard, is to obtain uniform and standardize the market, promote technological progress, to meet the needs of production and use.

Ferro Silicon Barium Alloy


Ferro Silicon Barium Alloy is a kind of good deoxidizer and desulfurizer.

1. Ferro Silicon Barium Alloy deoxidization ability strong, Good molten steel flow, Completely solve the problem of the nodular casting nozzle.

2. Ferro Silicon Barium Alloy significantly improve the recovery rate of the silicon, manganese, etc. Reduce the addition amount of carbon powder.

3. Ferro Silicon Barium Alloy desulfurization effect is obvious, Shortening the period of steelmaking.


1.Ferro Silicon Barium Alloy wide range of application, Can part instead of deoxidizing agent in steelmaking, Eg: aluminum wire, silicon barium aluminum, ferro silicon aluminum, the calcium silicon wire, etc.

2.Ferro Silicon Barium Alloy easy to use, simple operation, Don’t need to add any auxiliary equipment.




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